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LMP12 nationals 2022 - 2023

Season 2022-23 will follow the same format as last season. The idea of 3, 2 day events met with general approval and the same 3 venues were again chosen. Eastbourne, Tamworth and Chesterfield, starting in January 2023, best 4 rounds from the 6 to count.
This season the GT12 class are running their own National series, allowing there to be more space for LMP12. We are offering 13.5T Stock and 6.5T Mod classes.
As last season we have a 2-day opening event at the Eastbourne club. However this season it is being run as a European GP in association with EFRA. As such we are offering LMP12 13.5T stock, LMP12 6.5T Mod and GT12 classes.
The season is over. Our congratulations to our champions. Mark Stiles in Stock, Ollie Payne in Mod and Finley Whitelock in F2 Stock
EFRA GP Eastbourne 19th/ 20th November 2022Full Results
National Round 1 Eastbourne 21st January 2023Full Results Finals
National Round 2 Eastbourne 22nd January 2023Full Results Finals
National Round 3Tamworth 25th February 2023Full Results Finals
National Round 4Tamworth 26th February 2023Full Results Finals
National Round 5Chesterfield 18th March 2023Full Results Finals
National Round 6Chesterfield 19th March 2023Full Results Finals
Stock Championship 2022-23 Opening Formulas
Stock Formula Championship 2022-23 Teams Championship
Stock 13.5 ratings Mod ratings after Round 4
After Round 1
After Round 2
After Round 3
After Round 4
After Round 5
After Round 6
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